Pony Express: Forty campers each week will have the opportunity for extra interaction with the horses. In groups of ten, they will be led on a longer ride on a unique trail that is not used for the normal afternoon trail rides. $35 per camper. 

Gymnasium: Available to campers for indoor basketball, volleyball, table games, a 40ft traverse wall and other events.

Swimming Pool: An in-ground pool sits under the balcony of the dining hall.  All campers will be given a swimming test to assess their skill and ability to participate in water activities. All campers will be given a swimming test. Those who pass will be allowed to swim in the deep end and go on tube floats. Those who don’t pass will be restricted to the shallow end. Camp staff lifeguards are present at all scheduled swimming sessions.

Climbing Wall: There are two 12 foot climbing walls hanging into the pool for those who pass the swimming test can enjoy. 

Archery: There are two 10 camper sessions per day, where campers learn how to shoot and hone their skills.

Horseback Riding: THRBC is a working ranch with over 40 horses. Organized trail rides and pony rides are the highlight of the week for many campers. Jeans are recommended for riding, but not required. There are three 10 camper rides per day, where campers get to take a 30 minute ride through the woods on the campgrounds. The camp provides safety helmets.

RC Cars: Each day around 20 campers will be able to race traxxas rc cars.

Tube Floats: There are two 20 camper trips down the Gasconade River. All campers are provided with tubes and life jackets if desired.

Hike:  A counselor-lead hike to explore the wooded area which over looks the Gasconade River and to enjoy God’s creation.

Mini Golf: We have a 9 hole mini golf course which is available each week for the campers.

Crafts & Plaques: Each day campers have the opportunity to sign up to paint plaques or to participate in making a different craft each day.

Lake:  Our 5 acre lake provides plenty of space for canoeing and fishing. There is also a 40+ foot obstacle course on the lake made out of Aquaglide inflatables for everyone to enjoy through out the summer months. 

Activity Field: There is a baseball field, soccer field, and other fields to play capture the flag, ultimate frisbee and much more.

Outdoor Volleyball & Horseshoe pit: An outdoor sand volleyball and two horseshoe pit located in the middle of camp.

Playground: Swing, slides, and tunnels lots to do for all ages.

Nature Trails: There are several different trails that go all around camp so that you can enjoy God’s creation.