Listed below are some of the current and future projects that we would like to accomplish at camp. If you want to help or if you would like to get a group together (youth group, church group, or even your family) to help us work on one or more of these projects please let Jim Fitzgerald know at either 573.744.5843 or [email protected]


  • Preseason Camp Deep Clean
    • Cleaning Cabins & buildings, leaves, fallen limbs
  • Wood Cutting/Splitting
  • Landscaping
  • Exterior Painting of Building
  • Decking Repair
    • Replacement of boards, hammer/screwing down loose boards
  • Cabin Repair
    • Paint, Sinks, Countertops, toilets, & more


  • New Staff House
  • Mini Golf Improvements (Lights, Obstacles, Pavilion)
  • Add Traverse Wall @ Playground
  • Horse Stables Repairs
  • Lobby Remodel 
  • Road Lighting Improvement 
  • Cedar Lodge Landscaping 


  • 50 Year Anniversary (2022)
  • Activity Expansion Ideas
    • Activity Field Improvements (Lights, Basketball court, volleyball court etc)
    • Lake (Paddle boards, inflatables, water slide)
    • Electric & Water to Activity Field and Lake
  • Permanent Ranch Hand Facility 
  • New Lodge Building
  • Cedar Lodge Remodel
  • Oak Lodge Remodel (Upstairs)


  • If you have other items that you think camp might be able to use please contact us and we will let you know if it would be useful to us.


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