Camp Schedule and Cancellation Update


We wanted to give an update to everyone as to our response to the recommendations from the CDC and how that will affect Camp moving forward. The plan is to cancel all of our spring camps, 3D Archery Shoot, HSCC (Spring), and Women’s Retreat. As far as Work Day, we will be changing that to Work Days, so that over the next months a few people at a time can come and help in the preparation for Summer Camps. Of course, we would like everyone to be considerate of others and only plan to come if in good health etc. For scheduling purposes please contact the Camp Director at 573.744.5843 or [email protected]. At a later point there might be a scheduling of a larger Work Day, which we will announce via social media, if that does occur.  

Currently, Memorial Day and Summer Camps are being scheduled as normal. We are and will be continuing to monitor the situation and will update if anything changes. Thank you for your prayers and concerns for Camp, we are continuing to lift these things and you all up to God and asking for wisdom and discernment. 

Thank you on behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff

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