*Note: If the application is returned by August 2020, then it will keep the cost down of the trip. Please send in your application as soon as possible. Thank you. 

Date: March 1 – 13, 2021
Cost: $3925(from Chicago) ($1800 with Application)
Hosts: Steve & Jimmy Allan
Speakers: Steve Price

Regisration Form- Israel trip ’21 

It is one thing to read the Scripture and imagine the geography of which they speak. It is quite another to visit such places and see first hand the archeology of these biblical locations. The traveler begins to understand the text in three dimensions. This adds immense value to one’s biblical studies.

The rich history of the Bible is available for visitation. You will find the journey fascinating as you walk in places where the Lord Jesus walked. You will feel the waves of the Sea of Galilee. You will see the Mountains where Elijah called upon the Lord. And these are just a few of the murals you will be able to appreciate in such a journey. Jerusalem itself affords countless images into the places of Christ’s trial, the Temple Mount where He taught; and the hill where he was crucified. These realizations have a way of leaving the visitors speechless and astonished.

This type of trip is designed to be enjoyable, but with an emphasis on learning the maximum concerning the Holy Land and its relation to Scripture. You will still find time to shop, but the time of teaching will be capitalized. I would invite you to make this type of investment in expanding your spiritual knowledge base. It will be well worth your expenditure and your time.

Tentative Schedule:
Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Travel US to Israel
Day 2: Elah Valley, Jaffa, Elvis Inn & Emmaus Walk
Day 3: Bethlehem, Beit Sahur (the shepherds field), The Herodium, Solomons Pools, & Hebron
Day 4: Caiphas House, David’s Tomb, Upper Room, Hezekiah’s Tunnel (Wet & Dry), Wailing Wall, City of David, Kidron Valley
Day 5: Masada, Ein Gedi, The Dead Sea, & Jericho
Day 6: On the way to the North, starting from Beit, Horton, Prophet Samuel’s Tomb, Sabastia, Bergen (10 Leper’s Church) through Jezreel Valley + Tannchen and view to M. Gelboa & Nazareth
Day 7: Zippori Fellowship with the Assembly in Nazareth, Mt. Tabour ‘Nein
Day 8: Magdala, Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum Tagba, the sea of Galilee (Sailing on the Boat), Bet Hasda
Wohl Archaeological Museum; Shrine of the Book; Model City; Knesset building; Yad Vashem Memorial
Day 9: Golan (Hazor, Tal Dan, Cesarean Philppe) + BBQ 
Day 10: Nazareth Village, Mt. Carmel, Cesarean and to bee sheva tal Arad

Day 11: Ein Avdat, Memshit, Ein Shifta

Day 12: Flying back home.

Sights my vary according to the guides discretion

Hotel accommodations based on twin occupancy with bath.
Single rooms available at $85 extra per night.
Do not use the hotel room telephone to call home. It is very expensive and you will be charged a large fee.
Do not use room service as there is a significant charge

Visas are not needed in Israel.

Meals: Breakfast and dinner are buffets
Lunch will vary as we will be at different locations each day.
There will be an extra charge for tea or coffee or other beverages not included in the planned meal, the average cost is $1 to $3.

Air transportation included: The airlines have informed us there could be a surcharge of up to $80 due to the instability of fuel prices.

Trip Insurance: Medical (only while in Israel) covers 65 yrs and under.

Taxes and Tips: all included in the total charge

Baggage: Try to limit yourself to one suitcase apiece as you will be responsible for your belongings at each airport and hotels and to get it to the bus each time we change hotels.
Use a backpack or smaller bag for Bibles, notebooks, cameras etc.

Sightseeing transportation; Motorcoachs, with English speaking guides. All entrance fees to all tour stops are included.

NOT included in the price: Passport fees, laundry and extra beverages, sightseeing or services not mentioned and items of a personal nature, excess baggage fees or airport service charges. power chargers for electronics { Israel has 220V, converters can be purchased at Wal-Mart and other locations}

What to Bring: Bible, notebook, camera, comfortable shoes, {there will be a lot of walking} jeans or slacks, no short shorts, modest clothing, we are their guests. Optional: hat, lightweight jacket, sweatshirt, sunglasses. All shorts need to be below the knee. All shirts and blouses need to cover the shoulders to enter many of the sights. No smoking or alcohol drinking will be permitted.

Deposit and cancellation:
A deposit of $ 1800 per person is required to secure the reservation, which will be applied to balance due which is due by the first of January 1, 2021. Should you need to cancel there will be a fee, The amount will be determined by how far in advance you contact us, because we can not get all the money back from the airlines and other attractions after a certain dates.

Passport. Must have more than 6 months coverage from the time you enter Israel, if not please apply for a new one before leaving the US.