The choice for purity before God is being challenged by our society. Issues in the area of purity can be a lifelong struggle. How do we, as believers, submit to the Lord and guard our minds in this area?


  • Larry Sherraden – Larry has been an elder for more than 30 years and has seen the effect of pornography in peoples lives and marriages. He will cover the Biblical foundation for a proper view of purity and conduct the segments dealing with men’s issues.
  • Veronica Hoppe – Veronica is a godly woman from the St. Louis area who has a heart to see young people follow the Lord. Her experience as a nurse and as a head counselor at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp gives her an informed perspective as she leads segments with the women.


  • April 13, 2019 at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp (Vienna, MO)
  • Seminars will be from 10-12 with a 1 hour break for lunch, then seminars again from 1-3. They are open to males and females, regardless of age. Parents are encouraged to determine if the seminar is age-appropriate for their child. 


  • The seminar will cover several related issues. Pornography is rampant in our society and affects individuals and their relationships with others.  Children as young as 10 are being exposed to pornography and men over 65 are still affected by pornography. Most importantly, this issue hinders our relationship with God. The realized need for believers to address this issue primarily is what gave rise to these seminars. Pornography will be defined, and questions answered including: What is the prevalence of this problem? What are its psychological effects?There will be teaching on our need to have an accurate concept of who God is and our appropriate response. The last segment is a call to choose purity for the glory of God.  

If you have questions about the seminar, please contact Larry by email at  [email protected]or by phone at 785.550.8772. If there is a need for this information elsewhere, please know we are willing to travel and present the seminar, if invited.


“I was already aware of the insidious nature of pornography, but the anecdotes given of its devastating potential have served as warnings to me since. After periods of struggle in my own life the statement “love has nothing to do with it,”  has reminded me that my love for those close to me cannot be replaced by any objects of impure desire. The seminar reinforced the necessity of candidly addressing the very common and potentially consuming issue of impurity.”

“The issue of purity is a massive and growing issue among God’s dear people (men and women). If this is not a personal area of struggle for you, I guarantee it will be in 100’s maybe 1000’s of lives around you. This is a topic that desperately needs to be addressed and I thank God for those who are stepping forward to do so!
The Lord’s biblical way of FREEDOM and HOLINESS and JOY and PURITY are amazing gifts, and His word provides all we need to have Christ’s life lived out thru us in these ways! I heartily encourage all who read this to consider investing a day in this vital subject for personal strengthening and so that we can be good guides and helpers to our brothers and sisters along the way!”
-Scott DeGroff