Wilderness Camps (Boys Ages 13-17)

This camp is designed for those who love outdoor adventure and camping. Campers will spend five days canoeing the Current River located in Central Missouri among the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. All items needed for each camper for the week will be carried in the canoes. This is an extremely popular camp and will fill up quickly, so get your application in early. *Note: All campers must be able to pass a swim test before heading out on the river.  

Wilderness Camper,
I am glad that you have accepted the challenge of Wilderness Camp at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp! You will need to prepare yourself for this camp by bringing some items that will make your trip more comfortable and meaningful. You will arrive at camp on Sunday. You need to consider arriving early in the afternoon, as we will try to eat an early supper and leave for the Current River that evening. The clothes you wear when you leave the camp will be “camping” clothes. You need to bring a set of clothes that you will leave at Turkey Hill to wear on the trip home Saturday morning. Your parents do not want you smelling like a Current River carp on the way home, so pack some clean clothes for their benefit if not mine. Otherwise, these are the items that you will need on the river:

__Sleeping Bag
__Flashlight (waterproof)
__Sunscreen lotion
__Small travel towel
__River sandals or shoes
__Raincoat or Poncho
__Insect Repellent
__Camera (waterproof)
__Straps for your glasses/sunglasses
__Pair of dry shoes or boots
__Fishing tackle (optional)- take a tackle box no larger than 6”x6”

__Some cash for dinner Sunday night (we will eat a quick dinner at Burger King on the way to the river)
__Waterproof dry bag (do not use a trash bag for this!). I suggest a Sealine 55 dry bag or one comparable which is large enough for your gear. But not so large it will sink a canoe! A dry bag is a necessity or your gear will be wet all week (Don’t be the camper sleeping in a wet bag each night).

__One pair of shoes
__One pair of long pants
__Two T-shirts
__One long sleeve shirt
__Sweatshirt or fleece pullover
__Two pair of socks
__Two pair of underwear
__Hands free flashlight or strap for mini-mag

As you can see, your clothing requirements are minimal. However, remember that the conditions on the river change rapidly. You must shield yourself from the sun. You must also be prepared to spend the day in rainy, chilly weather. Remember to take only what is necessary-everything you take travels with you for over 50 miles.

Everything else you will need is provided by the camp: canoes, paddles, PFD’s, food, cooking gear, etc…. However, if you have a self-supporting tent I would recommend that you bring it as an option to the camp tents. Self-supporting dome tents are much easier to use under the conditions we find on the river.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]. Lastly, but most importantly, begin to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for this trip. It starts in a little over a month. Think about coming with an attitude to work and contribute to the well-being of the group. Prepare yourself spiritually by thinking about how the Lord is working in your life and what you want to learn from this week of camp. The Current River is an awesome place to marvel at the Lord’s hand of creation as you travel down the river with a great bunch of guys. I am looking forward to meeting you at camp.

Isaac Williams, leader